Bangkok, September 20-30, 2014

Thai Massage – ancient healing technique through working out body meridians (SEN lines)

Sukkai Charoennet (Teep), Massage Doctor following the tradition of North-Eastern Thailand (Isan), bearer of the knowledge that is being passed from generation to generation in the Forest Buddhist Monasteries, thorough practice, meditation, from heart to heart.

A little terminology.

To explain some aspects of the ancient method of Traditional Thai Massage through energy lines – body meridians (SEN lines) – many different western terms can be used. Two popular terms that seem partially adequate to help the explanation of the physical aspect are “myo-fascial massage” and “osteopathic massage”. Myo-fascial massage means working out the pathways between muscles, also between muscles and bones and between muscles and tendon, on the edges of muscle tissue, tendon, on the spots where muscles, tendon, ligaments, fascia are attached. Osteopathic means, in general, is the healing effect of specially trained human hands aiming to restore the health and normal functioning of musculoskeletal system. Another term “yoga-massage” is often attached while describing traditional Thai Massage technique. This term commonly used in the western world is less understood by traditional Thai massage doctors as many of them never tried yoga. Having in mind that one of the versions on how the traditional Thai healing system was created is that the yoga system was partially adapted, this name is partially justified, and some of the stretching and twisting techniques will remind yogis of some asanas.

About Thai massage healing practice briefly. Thai massage represents physical influence on the body by pressure (with fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, the whole body), including twisting and stretching. This physical manipulation follows a certain “body map”, the Master works on the body meridians – invisible energy pathways that create a wide inter-connected network penetrating the entire human body and connecting all the organs and body systems. The pressure is powerful, the feeling is painful. Thais put it this way: there’s no healing without pain.

During massage session, Massage Doctor examines the patient and evaluates health condition judging by patient’s body response, physically and through the meridians, as well as his own experience. First session, even the second and the third might be dedicated to diagnostics , it’s totally individual. It is crucial to receive customer’s feedback especially during 24 hours after massage.  24 hours after a massage session are the most important as changes induced in the body take some time to reveal and become easily detected, self-observation is very much required. The effect of relaxation, generally, is felt immediately, during the massage session or a short while after, especially, if you take a message course, deep relaxation will be felt before the session ends.

It is very important that the patient tells Massage Doctor about his/her general health condition, previous injuries, any any disorders, other health details. This information helps the Doctor to make more precise diagnostics, and turnes massage session into more individual, self-directed treatment, with more directed work on those meridians that are connected with existing disorders or injured parts. One of the most important massage effects is harmonizing the four elements present in every human body (fire-water-air-earth). This effect comes through working on body meridians, but also, extremely important, it happens with the help of the inner fire shared by the Massage Doctor with the patient. A true Massage Doctor is in continuous state of meditation during healing massage session and the impact is deeper than just a physical level penetrating more subtle aspects of our being.

Massage sessions schedule (other time please confirm with a phone call No. 0817497091):09:00-11:00 / 12:00-14:00 / 16:00-18:00

Book your Massage Session:

1.   over the phone 0817497091

2. e-mail nkrapivina@gmail.com   (name, date/dates, time, contact phone number)

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Address: Pratunam district, apartment build. Golden Inn, Ratchaprarop soi 8. skytrain st. Ratchaprarop (it’s the skytrain line from the Airport to the center of Bangkok). Nearby id the famouse skysraper tower Baiyoke Sky (opposite accross the street Ratchaprarop). Floor 6, room 1605.

Types of massage:    

• Full body healing osteopathic massage, our homemade raw organic coconut oil is applied. Approx. 1 hour 40 minutes. Plan minimum 2 hours for the session.

• Full body healing osteopathic massage + aromatherapy massage, special technique with small steam heated bags full of our organic herbs (14 herbs, locally grown in Chiang Khan Village, picked up in the forest area, private gardens, monasteries). Approx. 2 hours. Aromatherapy healing massage is done with 4 steam heated herbal bags, 2 being in use, other 2 being heated, and then change, and so on, to keep the bags pleasantly worm at all times during the treatment. This massage is especially beneficial if there are pains, tension, nerve jammed with accompanying sensitivity loss, tissues fibrosis of different origin, in case of sitting job with less physical activity, frequent headaches, stress and fatigue, skin imperfections, rush, etc. This type of massage is not recommended for diabetes, possible with limited use for localized area.

• Full body healing osteopathic massage + oil massage with our homemade raw organic coconut oil (cold extraction only). Oil massage is a special technique that can also be considered as a beautification procedure for skin nourishment, fat level decrease. Raw coconut oil is a natural antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal remedy, helps against rush, micro-inflammations, insect bites, itchiness. Approx. 2 hours. 

• healing osteopathic massage – specific body parts. Based on individual symptoms upon agreement with the Doctor. It’s recommended to go for it after at least 1 session of full body massage which is essential for the Doctor to become “familiar” with your body. As Thai Massage is a holistic form of health care that considers the body as a whole and all parts and systems as inter-related with mutual influence on each other, it is not advisable to skip the first full-massage session. This massage for specific body parts can also be performed with aromatic hot-steamed herbal bags. Timing and cost to be agreed individually with the Doctor after the preliminary talk and a first full-massage session for diagnostics.

*Duration of each session  is individual, in case of long time disorders or treatment of injuries even 2-3 hours is possible (as an example, and old-time spine column injury). It won’t be able to suggest the Doctor making it faster or fitting into specific time limit, please consider this, as philosophy behind it goes like that “I do the treatment, otherwise I just don’t do it”, so he might rather cancel an appointment than follow limited time request. Any urgent flight or important meeting, please plan|postpone your massage session for another time.

**For a course massage as treatment addressed to a chronic disorder, injury, old-time accident, for example, nerve jamming and the accompanying disorders, cost is about 3500+ baht per session (Doctors confirms the cost after the first diagnostics session). For tall men (180+) with more than average weight (75+), starting cost is 3000 baht per session, in case of addressed treatment from 4000 baht per session. To explain cost variations, Doctor literally lifts you up, gives his inner fire and healing vibes working into specific area where disorder is localized, searches for the meridians that are effective for each specific case through his meditative vision, he basically puts his entire being into the process, and that takes an extra effort when performed on a large body. It’s possible to have face massage (with hot herbal bags also), foot massage, head massage, and other “partial” variations. Just keep in mind that full work on body meridians doesn’t happen in this case, general healing impact might be lower than full body massage. Please request this option individually.

 About the Doctor  

The way of massage started early for Teep as it is passed from generation to generation in his family from old times unknown. Many members of his family used to be massage doctors giving treatment to relatives and neighbors. Ever since he was a little kid, people around were looking for him to massage as they experienced relief from pain with him. Dedicated and meaningful training on body meridians started at 17 when Teep was accepted as “nen” (novice, young monk, เณร) into one of the Forest Buddhist Monasteries of Isan (North-Eastern Thailand). Teep had the honor of becoming a student of one of the best doctors of our time among monks – Ajarn Noom (his nickname translated means “youth”). He also had the privilege of gaining knowledge from many Chinese and Japanese doctors. It is a practice here in Isan that famous doctors from all around Asia come to give treatment to high hierarchy Buddhist Monks of Thailand. The successful treatment Teep gave to the famous Teacher Ajarn Lompu Faak that rehabilitated him after a blood-stroke (he literally put him back on his feet, helped him to start speaking, eating, walking independently again which took 8 months of daily meridians massage practice) gave Teep the highest recommendations and he was sent to the greatest Buddhist Teacher in Thailand nowadays — Ajarn Luang Ta Maha Bua (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajahn_Maha_Bua). Luang Ta never asked any diplomas or trusted recommendations, all he said was: “You can work out my meridians, let’s see what you know.” Teep still remembers this moment with tears. After 2 hours of massage Teep was accepted with praise of his strong meridians inner feeling and skills and he stayed with Lungta as his personal massage doctor for next 2 years.

Teep’s practical massage experience is 20+ years. He not only studied meridians on the bodies of his patients. He also attented autopsy, studied bones, tissues, body anatomy, and processed all the knowledge through meditation. He says that meditation with concentration of body parts, their functions, and biochemistry of internal body processes helped him enormously on his healing path. He did have new discoveries of his own while looking for new meridians, he also studied and practiced on himself after a major injury that affected his lower back and hip area. 


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  1. Хочу начать с большой благодарности к Khun Tip за ту работу которую вы проделали делая мне массаж! Ничего подобного мне не приходилось испытывать при массаже и после него. Если описывать в трех словах то это МЕГА СУПЕР МАСАЖ!!! Ничего подобного я не получала в уличных и не в уличных массажных салонах. После массажа меня переполняли и продолжают переполнять положительные эмоции и легкость во всем теле. Khun Tip НАСТОЯЩИЙ ПРОФИ своего дела! И выкладывается он на полную. Оч жаль что обратилась в последние дни и завтра он и его прекрассные жена и сын покидают БКК. Буду ждать Вас с нетерпением снова! Спасибо огромное! Дай Бог вам здоровья и счастья! С ЛЮБОВЬЮ К ВАМ.

  2. Жителям Бангкока повезло: в сентябре после уговоров Мастер Тип согласился приехать и провести несколько дней в Бангкоке, посвятив их почти полностью сеансам тайского массажа по своей собственной методике для страждущих экспатов))
    У Типа действительно свое видение того, насколько бодр и здоров его “пациент”, какие телодвижения ему показаны, и что лично он может дать своему посетителю.
    Массаж действительно тайский, но продвинутый, т.е. включает и привычные многим жителям Таиланда движения и надавливания, но в тоже время Тип большое внимание уделяет растяжке и снижению напряжения с суставов.
    Если делать такой массаж, то делать его нужно обязательно полностью: “кусочки”, как в лечебном, знакомом многим соотечественникам массаже, здесь не работают, в этом я мгновенно убедилась на собственном опыте, попросив однажды между днями сеансов сделать отдельно просто массаж спины. Ощущения законченности и полной легкости после этого кусочка не возникло. Ну оно и понятно, совсем другой подход к лечебному воздействию, требующий уделения большего внимания именно нижней половине тела – ногам, тазобедренным суставам, что обычно игнорируется в классическом лечебном массаже.
    В общем, было здорово :) Больно, необычно, любопытно, местами страшно за свою шею ;) очень легко ногам после, с ощущением огромной благодарности за все проделанные манипуляции, открытия во время медитаций, доброе намерение и желание исцелять собственным огнем.
    Теперь бы удержать в памяти это ощущение невероятной легкости и освобождения от мышечных ловушек, чтобы знать, к чему ежедневно стремиться и помнить о возможностях собственного тела))
    Хочется надеяться, что Тип с семьей переберется поближе к Бангкоку, и можно будет наведываться к нему на сеанс как можно чаще!

  3. Я благодарна судьбе, что встретила таких прекрасных людей, как Наташу и Mr. Teep! Ребята, огромное вам спасибо за общение и восхитительных массаж! Mr.Teep подходит к массажу по всем правилам, как мастер своего дела. После первого и единственного сеанса, пропала боль в спине и головные боли. Большое спасибо ему!!!
    Надеюсь увидеть вас скоро в Банкоке еще раз;)

  4. огромное, огромное спасибо Типу и всей замечательной семье за то, что вы появились в моей жизни) Тип – это какой-то инопланетный, удивительно глубоко чувствующий, осознанный Мастер. Уникальный опыт массажа. Очень рекомендую не только тем, у кого есть проблемы с позвоночником, головными болями, но и тем, кто просто хочет углубить свои познания и опыт в лечебном глубоком тайском массаже. Мне было больно, иногда до смешного скуления, но я этого и ожидала. Эффект отличный. Жаль, что получилось попасть только на два сеанса. Конечно, хотелось бы пройти курс.
    Наташенька не зря стала спутницей Типа, она и сама удивительно светлый человек и очень серьезно занимается тайскими целебными травами.
    Приезжайте к нам на Панган))) все вместе) жду) обнимаю) Натипчику привет) бассейна тут не обещаю, но море – точно)


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