• fresh turmeric rhizome
    • pumpkin
    • apples (organic from garden at the moment)
    • cranberry
    • orange/tangerine/mandarin
    • carrot
    • a slice of lemon or lime


Everything goes into the juicer. Drink small shot at a time, if you are not used to big quantities of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs as a part of your daily menu. If that’s a normal routine for you, drink more, effective digestion will transfer it all into beneficial action for your body. Eat a piece of turmeric fresh rhizome, size half little finger, while preparing the juice. This juice is also rich in Vitamins-antioxidants E and C.


There are millions of articles and research conclusions in the net about the properties and benefits of turmeric rhizome. Here I just want tu shoe a small extract from the book “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter. He included a chapter in the book with suggestions of 7 substances that might increase overall health and add to healthy brain functioning, one of those 7 is exactly Turmeric. Here it is (my own translation from Russian into English as I don’t have Eng edition): “Turmeric: member of Zingiberaceae family, same as ginger, is undergoing numerous scientific research programs. most of them concentrated on anti-inflamamtory and antioxidant properties of curcumin. One of the powerful hidden treasures of curcumin is the ability to activate those genes that are responsible for antioxidant production, which protect mitochondria.Additionally, curcumin helps the metabolism of glucose. These propertieshep to decrease the risk of brain degenerative disease… “

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