More details on Sukkai Charoennet – his life story and unique Healer’s Path

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===> Training Schedule===> Training Schedule===> Training Schedule===>

* 15.11.18-27.11.18 Integrated training course with all manual techniques, different tools, including tok-sen technique and meditation (please order your tok-sen set of tools with us prior to the training).

* 30.11.18- 03.12.18  Advanced practical tok-sen training program (please order your tok-sen set of tools with us prior to the training).

* 25.02.2019-11.03.2019  Full detailed basic training program 15 days, including all manual techniques, meditation, oil massage, guasha massage, ancient technique with a clay pot and salt compress, cupping therapy as part of a full body session. Blood suction technique upon request – if at group’s level is considered to be ready.

* 13.03.2019-16.03.2019 Advanced practical tok-sen training program (please order your tok-sen set of tools with us prior to the training).

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As we see it, in simple clear steps:

alkaline-acidic balance maintainance, including alkaline water in the morning, fresh chlorophyll shot, not eating cooked food after 5 p.m. while eating grest fruit\veggies,drinking alkalizing drinks or herbal tea in the evening works fine;

morning cleansing routine, oil pulling first, drinking 500-800 ml alkaline water after, detox tea next, fresh juice follows, adding herbal superfood powders and pills, like amalaki, moringa, noni, centella asiatica, etc.

consious food choices, including source check-out, plant based food only, eating our geography seasonal fresh foods as a major preference, not mixing too many different types of foods, proper amount (not over eating);

choosing raw plant-based foods as a rule, concentrating on nutrients-dense foods, watching vitamin C intake and other antioxidants, liver uses it constantly during daily internal detox process, while free radicals jump out during metabolism of toxic substances and damage cells;

regular detox/fasting programs, or similar, on your individual schedule

physical action, daily stretching, yoga, beach walk, outdoors workout, earthing;

meditation and other practices towards anti-stress self-treatment, consciousness and spiritual awakening.

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—> Training duration: basic 15.01.2018-29.01.2018 every day from 9 am to 3-4 pm.

—> Advanced practical workshop on spine alignment with tok-sen tools  31.01.2018-02.02.2018.

Course fees:

===> Basic training 20,000 THB, including the Diploma by  The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, basic tools bamboo and gua-sha, not including cupping, tok-sen tools, herbal bags.

===> Advanced training – under consideraton, depending on the level and progress of the group passing to advanced.

Training authentic thai massage on body energy lines meridians

A training course on energy lines healing massage as practiced by Forest Monks of Theravada Buddhist Tradition. Training is conducted by an authentic Master, Meditation Teacher Sukkai Charoennet, who comes from a family of healers, for many generations, in Udon Thani Province, North-Eastern Thailand.
This technique involves the following deep changes in a human’s body:
  • stimulation, speed-up in the whole energy system, meridians covering the whole body,
  • spine alignement, affecting the whole musculoskeletal system;
  • significant improvement in flexibility overall, freedom and joy of movement;
  • restoration of the proper natural position of internal organs, specialy kidneys;
  • myofascial pain release;
  • deep muscles work-through;
  • recovery of spine and joints flexibility;
  • boost of lymph, blood circulation,
  • improvement of bones density
  • support, improvement of liver function.
(!) Advanced workshop – for those who are read to study and practice deeper, and approved by the Teacher after succesful testing during basic course, an intensive workshop with tok-sen tools will be conducted after the basic course. Workshop is themed specifically on spine column alignement, and re-structuring of the whole musculoskeletal system. This technique will make you able to treat and improve condition, nautralize pain for patients with nerve compression syndrome, herniated disks, specially people who are under continuous stress, do heavy intensive workouts, fight, lift weights, do jogging a lot, activities that create pressure on spinal disks, while there is not enough stretching workouts to balance the pressure.

раваи мыс пром теп обучение массажу
раваи мыс пром теп обучение массажу1
Training is conducted on the grounds of Buddhist Monastery, a respectful and appropriate behaviour is essential while in the Temple and attending the training, clothes must cover shoulders, chest, knees, avoiding any kind of transparent clothes, sleeveless clothes, short skirts or shorts, etc. If interested, participation in the morning rituals (donation, prayers, breakfast) and evening chanting and meditation is allowed (free of charge, everyone is welcomed).

Daily program includes:

  • meditation – ANAPANASATI, other techniques depending on the flow and participants’ requests/level);
  • massage training with various techniques (full body massage on main energy lines, stretching, bending, pulling, pressing, joints flexibility technique, ancient bamboo tools techniques);
  • guasha – detox-massage;
  • Anti-Cellulite, fat storage break-out treatment involving guasha+bamboo tools, during advanced course tok-sen tools are applied for increased effect to break fat storage;
  • foot massage;
  • cupping therapy integrated with full-body massage treatment;
  • full-body hot herbal balls compress massage;
  • body-parts massage, local treatment, based on specific questions from the students;
  • Q&A sessions as requested by the students (please note down your list of questions during the whole training process).

A gift for all the participants, to bring this unique tradition into the wider world, to share with our successors, every student will receive a memory usb-stick with 2 movies on it: a 2-hours full-body massage session, a 1-hour massage session with anti-cellulites and lymphatic drainage treatment using all traditional bamboo tools.  

Whether you are professionally involved with healing massage, or mastering skills to help your beloved ones in a close family circle, this course supports you on self-discipline, concentration, regular meditation practice, builds-in new profound skills, helps to reach another level of your personal development and gives inspiration for further transformations.

As the best preparation routine, we recommend daily meditation practice  – mindful breathing – or any other techniques of your choice, yoga, self-observation and self-awareness, loving kindness practice, refreshing basics in anatomy, in general – introverted meditative state with minimum external stressors, concentration on the healing vibrations and building strong intention towards reaching your goals.

>>> Important sources for studies, practice and preparation:


Mindfulness – The Path To The Deathless by Ajarn Sumedho

Anatomy Atlas

Noble Eightfold Path

Rules of moral conduct 

Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers


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