Herbs are sun-dried.

  • This tea:

    • has a tonic effect on the action of the heart and cardiovascular system due to Pandan properties, nourishes, strengthens, supports healthy heart rhythm;



    It’s always beneficial to infuse fresh herbs picked up in your very own garden or bought from farmers in the neighborhood. But what if you don’t have this opportunity? A bag of sun-dried herbs at hand might be the right solution. We’ll bring a certain amount of this tea packed in this kind of fabric bags (10×15 cm size), 180 rubles per bag:


    To prepare tea a part of the stem is used, starting from the closest to the root and upper part of approximately 10-15 cm:


    Then sun-dried:


    For Pandan tea all leaves from the plant are used, just a small part closer to the root is cut off, leaves are cut in small pieces and sun-dried:

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