Herbs are sun-dried.

200 rub. per bag

It’s always beneficial to infuse fresh herbs picked up in your very own garden or bought from farmers in the neighborhood. But what if you don’t have this opportunity? A bag of sun-dried herbs at hand might be the right solution.

Mint properties: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic agent, analgesic, inhibits and kills micro-organisms, vasorelaxant; eliminates nausea; anti-flatulent; sedative – using as steam inhalation, aromatherapy, herbal infusion bath; anti-cold, diaphoretic, febrifuge; cosmetic remedy – cools and freshens skin, eliminates microinflammations, irritation, excessive oil; mouth disinfectant, reduces gums inflammation.

Витамины в мяте:

  • Витамин B6 (пиридоксин)
  • Витамин B5 (пантотеновая кислота)
  • Витамин B2 (рибофлавин)
  • Витамин B1 (тиамин)
  • Витамин A

Минералы в мяте:

  • Цинк (Zn)
  • Медь (Cu)
  • Марганец (Mn)
  • Железо (Fe)
  • Фосфор (P)
  • Натрий (Na)
  • Магний (Mg)
  • Кальций (Ca)
  • Калий (K)

Свойства мяты – ПОДРОБНО

Ознакомьтесь с ограничениями в употреблении мяты и ее эфирного масла>>

We pack the tea into these fabric bags (10×15 cm size), one bag gives approximately 15-20 infusions, each time you can add fresh water 2-3 times, the taste and aroma remains:

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