обучение лечебному тайскому массажу миофасциальный релиз гуа-ша банки антицеллюлитный тайский массаж

Dear friends, participants, subscribers, guests!

Our project 3gether extraordinary news is the start of energy lines healing therapy teaching massage course on November 15th 2016 which will be conducted by Authentic ancient Thai massage Doctor Sukkai Charoennet.

Program fee is 15000 THB. Upon prepayment of 50% in advance before October 15th, you get 15% discount for the rest of the payment which must come not later than November 10th, 2016. Please pay attention to the payment deadlines, these are strict as booking formalities for the studio must be done before hand.

About the Teacher 

Healing Massage tradition as conserved and practiced in the forest temples of North-Eastern Thailand prescribes regular practice of meditation, anapanasati and vipassana variations as well as loving kindness, as the basis of healing powers, that is why at the end of this announcement you will find the list of meditation related sources in the first place.

Daily program includes:

- meditation (anapanasati, other techniques depending on the flow and participants’ requests)
– massage training with various techniques, full body massage on main energy lines, stretching, bending, pulling, pressing, joints flexibility technique, ancient bamboo tools techniques, guasha – detox-massage, Anti Cellulite treatment involving guasha+bamboo tools, foot massage, cupping therapy integrated with massage treatment, hot herbal balls compress massage, etc.

One of the days will consist of a marine adventure on a trip to one of the islands near Phuket with some swimming/free-diving, stops if the weather condition allow to do so, meditations and individual work for each of the participants to prepare his/her very own massage tools, including gua-sha scraper and bamboo tools, based on the pre-fabricated parts prepared by Teep. 

Detailed course structure day-by-day will be posted shortly.

Teep has officially agreed to disclose his own original techniques developed through 25 years of practice and perceived through revelation while practicing meditation, specially vipassana.

In case willing to participate – please send us a private message (nkrapivina@gmail.com). There will be 6-8 participants on the course. 

Whether you are professionally involved with healing or trying to develop your skills to help your beloved ones, any the case might be, you will master new profound skills, reach another level of your personal development and  receive tones of inspiration for further transformations.

As the best preparation routine, we recommend daily meditation practice, vipassana, anapanasati or any other of your choice, yoga, self-observation and self-awareness, refreshing basics in anatomy, in general – introverted meditative state with minimum external irritants, concentration on the healing vibrations.

Detailed day-by-day schedule will be posted soon and correspondent link will be added into this announcement.

We are preparing a very special gift for all the participants, to bring this tradition into the wider world and conserve it to share with our successors, each person will receive a memory stick with 3 movies on it, a full-body massage session with all details clearly seen, 1 hour gua-sha massage session for anti-cellulites treatment using all traditional bamboo tools, and an auto-biography about the Teacher, his ways of practice, spiritual development and healing skills development, meditation enlightenment leading to new discoveries in way the meridians work and interconnect, and other amazing conditions that led to the way this great kind of a man become what he became, Teep. 

In the nearest days we will share on our youtube channel short parts of the both movies with massage sessions, next month we are going to share the auto-biography.


Mindfulness: The Path to the Deathless Ajahn Sumedho

Anapanasati – Mindfulness of Breathing

ON MEDITATION - Instructions from talks by Venerable Ajahn Chah

 Atlas of Human Anatomy (6th ed.) – 2014

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