We’re here. This space was created for the expression of three people, it’s our second home.


avatar Teep

From Thailand, Udon-thani province. Healer, Traditional Thai Massage doctor following the north-eastern (Isan) massage tradition. He is the bearer of those ancient secrets that Isan Forest monks pass from heart to heart to next generations. He has knowledge and experience with Thai medicinal herbs. He not only deals with people, but tames tigers as well, sometimes. He spent over 19 years of his life as a Forest Monk. He met Natalia in Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi Province, and he decided to give his life a big turn. After leaving the monkhood, Teep stays with his family.



From Moscow, Russia. Universities, office work, snobbish and glittery Moscow life lost its attractiveness somehow giving pace to wandering around India. Leaving for India did not happen when she was invited as a volunteer to Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The decision was taken instantly when Natasha saw this epic picture in Internet; it was the first meeting, 4 months ahead of the personal encounter:

tiger kissing Tiger Temple Kanchanaburi Thailand



Joined bravely. He was much expected, sure thing. He is fond of reading books, like his Mama, takes them to shower even. He is a quick learner, like his Papa, one time show is enough. He masters runbike, loves to watch Totoro, to swim, to eat sticky rice and rambutans. He has double citizenship and two passports, lucky him, no visa issues.


We are 3gether

We live in a small village in North-Eastern Thailand on the banks of Mekong river, Laos is just in front of us. Chiang Khan is a quiet cozy place, but it can get crowded during public holidays. Thai tourists invade the area to catch a glimpse of misty sunrises above the hills, watch the sunsets, promenade on the riverwalk lazily, experience the walking street with its old-times wooden houses, drive bicycles only.  We engage ourselves into a continuous cognitive learning process: how to live in a family, how to reach harmony and understanding with people and nature around us, how to use medicinal herbs in our everyday life, how to let meditation and massage be the healing power and transform us into someone new, a better being, perhaps. The life is generous to us and gives us many opportunities for self-development and inspiration. Here we share our story and lifestyle.

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  1. Добрый день! Хочу записать мужа на курс массажа, очень беспокоят головные боли. Как записаться и цену можно узнать! ? Ещё интересует программа детокс для меня, с благодарность, Ольга!

  2. ДОбрый день . МНе 58 лет . можно ли приехать на детокс если у меня антитела к рецепторам ттг скачут и я покана тирозоле на маленькой дозе .ставят дтз ,Но сейчас уже идет излечение . И еще один вопрос есть о клизмах .у меня спайки и клизмы не получаются все вытекает обратно .ПОлучится ли детокс ?


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