As we see it, in simple clear steps:

alkaline-acidic balance maintainance, including alkaline water in the morning, fresh chlorophyll shot, not eating cooked food after 5 p.m. while eating grest fruit\veggies,drinking alkalizing drinks or herbal tea in the evening works fine;

morning cleansing routine, oil pulling first, drinking 500-800 ml alkaline water after, detox tea next, fresh juice follows, adding herbal superfood powders and pills, like amalaki, moringa, noni, centella asiatica, etc.

consious food choices, including source check-out, plant based food only, eating our geography seasonal fresh foods as a major preference, not mixing too many different types of foods, proper amount (not over eating);

choosing raw plant-based foods as a rule, concentrating on nutrients-dense foods, watching vitamin C intake and other antioxidants, liver uses it constantly during daily internal detox process, while free radicals jump out during metabolism of toxic substances and damage cells;

regular detox/fasting programs, or similar, on your individual schedule

physical action, daily stretching, yoga, beach walk, outdoors workout, earthing;

meditation and other practices towards anti-stress self-treatment, consciousness and spiritual awakening.

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